Welcome to St. Mark’s Early Learners: A Montessori School. We are an Early Learning Academy of St. Mark’s in Auburn and a ministry of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. We are pleased that you are interested in St. Mark’s Early Learners and are considering it for your child(ren). We are a 3 year program( preschool-Kindergarten) seeking to care for the whole child.

Our Mission is to transform our children, families, and communities through excellent, holistic early childhood education.

Please navigate our website to learn more about our school.  Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

-Linda Vandemark, Director

Parent Testimonials:

“If you are looking for an excellent school, with a Montessori approach, I highly recommend St. Mark’s Early Learners in Auburn.  My son Jackson has learned so much.  When he started he was struggling to count, and even hold a pencil.  He is now more confident, writing words, and learning to read.”

Alicia Purdy

“St. Mark’s Early Learners Montessori School in Auburn is a new school that should be checked out if your looking for a good quality preschool. The director’s professionalism speaks for itself. She loves to teach and its obvious in the connections she makes in and out of the classroom. Her enthusiasm and pride in her students is vividly apparent with every lesson she teaches.”

Amy Egly

“St. Mark’s Early Learners Montessori School has a dedicated, professional director who always seems to have her students best interest in mind. She has the ability to help her students develop a strong sense of independence, self-confidence, and discipline.”

Jessica Menor

Phone: (260) 925-3882


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